Welcome to The Amarucan League of America
A Community of Indigenous Groups, Tribes, Clans & Families Native to the Americas before 1871

The Amarucan League of America

What is The Amarucan League of America?

The Amarucan League of the Americas is our network where we can share our Indigenous American History, Culture, Resources & Real Virtual and Intellectual Properties, to Further Build our Community Lands with Perpetual Trust & Support.

We the people of The Amarucan League, asserting our Aboriginal Rights as the oldest recorded Aboriginal Indigenous peoples of the Americas, consisting of an Aboriginal Community of Indigenous Americans living in accord with Natural Law [The Law of Our Ancestors] do hereby recognize all Members of the Amarucan League  as a Unified Community Trust, establish our Divine Right to self-rule, a common defense of our Community, a complete unified will for progress and prosperity by and for Our People, establishing justice by way of natural law and equality, and complete autonomy as a Community.

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